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Alex Muller 2013 Intro

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2013 Training series coming soon!

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Pull day

Nov 29, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Push Day

Nov 6, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Did a bit of a deload this week as my body is pretty tired!

Incline bench: 50kg, 60kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg (10 reps)

Decline DB bench: 25kg 25kg, 27kg, 30kg, 32kg (10 reps)

DB shoulder press: 25kg, 27kg, 27kg (10 reps)

Incline cable flies: 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 17kg (10 reps)

Tricep Pushdown: 90kg, 90kg, 97kg, 97kg, 97kg (10 reps)


Leg day

Oct 30, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Deadlift: 160kg, 180kg, 200kg (3 reps)

Seated leg press: 120kg, 140kg, 160kg, 170kg, 170kg (10 reps)

Leg extension: 45kg, 50kg, 50kg (20 reps)

Leg curl (superset with DB Sumo squat): 25kg, 25kg, 25kg (20 reps)

Seated + Donkey calf raise

The Plan!

Oct 27, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog, Nutrition, Personal Log, Training  //  No Comments

So it has been quite a while since I have posted in my blog. Things have been very busy for me and iv been at a few crossroads in my training, but I have taken the time to think about things and I have finally come to a conclusion which I am about to share with you.

I have been very undecided weather I am going to start cutting for the summer to look good for the beach and without my shirt etc. and I had actually started adding in cardio and watching what I eat, but…I will not be cutting any longer.

There are a few things I would like to do next year and they include competing several times, land a big photo shoot and attempt to get a sponsor. Now with that in mind it just doesn’t seem smart to start cutting this early just to look aesthetic for the summer, and as you can see I am already at quite a low body fat percentage.

As most of you know the natural bodybuilding scene in South Africa is tiny to nearly non-existant! Therefore I have no choice but to compete in untested shows, and because of that it would be foolish of me to limit my muscle gains as I need to be able to keep up with the competition, especially since I am just starting to have a breakthrough on my upper-body gains.

This doesn’t mean that I am just going to get fat, not at all, I will still continue to lean bulk gaining around 0,5-1lb of muscle a week which means fat gain will be VERY minimal. This gives me a chance to gain some extra muscle, work on my weak points and by next year I can start to diet down and get into optimal condition as well as try to attract interviews, photo-shoots, sponsorship opportunities etc.

So for those that are interested I am off the PHAT training and am about a month into a legs/push/pull routine. This routine is more focused on hypertrophy than strength which is what I want in preparation for next year. Here is my program:


-Incline Bench 5 sets

-Flat DB press 4 sets

-Chest press machine 4 sets

-Incline cable fly 4 sets

-DB shoulder press 3-4 sets

-Triceps push down 5 sets


-Weighted pull-ups 4 sets

-Bent over row 5 sets

-DB rows 5 sets

-BB curls 5 sets

-Rope face pulls 4-5 sets


-Squat/Dead lift 5 sets

-walking lunges 4-5 sets

-leg extensions 4 sets

-leg curls 4 sets

-calves super set

*Every leg session I alternate between Squats and Dead lift

I do this program for 3 days on, 1 day off and repeat. I find that I target my muscle groups a lot better training them 2x a week using reps between 8-12.


As for my diet I am consuming around 3200-3400 calories per day with a ratio of about 50/30/20 for Protein/Carbs/Fat.

I will post my official bulking diet later in the week for everybody to see.

Keep tuned for more posts, pictures, videos and articles!



Night time high protein ‘ice cream’

Aug 27, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog, Nutrition, Recipes, Supplements  //  No Comments

Every now and again I will make this concoction, its high in slow and fast release protein, natural fats and low in carbs and tastes delicious!!


Fix your shoulder injury

Aug 23, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog, Training  //  No Comments

I, like many others, neglected to properly train shoulders when I first started to train. I used incorrect form on the bench and shoulder press machine just to boost my own ego. Today I am suffering from it. My chest is overly developed but my rear deltoids are lagging behind. It doesn’t only look out of proportion, but has an impact on my chest and back exercises.

So if you are one of those guys that just bench heavy with incorrect form and neglect to train and strengthen your shoulders properly I highly advise you to stop and fix your mistake before it becomes a serious problem.

Read more >> Interview

Aug 14, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog, Personal Log  //  No Comments

A few weeks ago I did an interview with

Today I came home from a tough leg session to find it has been put up. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Healthy High Protein Banana Pancakes

Aug 12, 2012   //   by Alex Muller   //   Blog, Nutrition, Personal Log, Recipes  //  No Comments

Healthy, delicious alternative to calorie and sugar loaded pancakes.